Discover how to turn your body into a natural fat-burner – in just 28 days!

Discover how to turn your body into a natural fat-burner – in just 28 days!


How many times have you started the new year with the intention of reaching your dream weight by sticking to a strict diet, only to ‘fall off the wagon’ after a few weeks and end up reaching for junk food or sugary snacks because your body is simply starving?

What if I told you there was a way to shed those excess pounds without ever having to count calories, feel deprived or rely on willpower to ‘stay on track’?


Here’s the secret: eating the right fats will help you to burn fat.


About a year ago I started adding more healthy fats to my meals to heal hormonal imbalances, improve my digestion (candida) and increase my energy levels.

The results after a year of eating low carb high fat are spectacular :)


Would you like to discover how you can turn your body into a natural fat burner too?

At the moment, my new Start to Keto eBook is only available in Dutch (NL) but if you’re interested in an English version, definitely leave a comment down below!

In this Start to Keto eBook, I reveal secrets like:

  • The most important technique to lose stubborn belly fat with minimal exercise
  • How to whip up healthy and satisfying low carb meals in just 15 minutes
  • 7 simple ways to heal your gut
  • The indispensable secret to staying younger for longer and feeling more energized than ever
  • The best foods to treat candida overgrowth, beat bloating and enjoy a flat belly all year long
  • The number one thing you need to know about inflammation and how you can prevent diseases like diabetes, heart failure and rheumatoid arthrosis
  • The ultimate secret to maintain a healthy weight without counting calories or restricting portion sizes

All the recipes are free from gluten & sugar, and most of the dishes are plant-based. Every recipe has vegan or dairy free alternatives.


Are you interested to find out more? Leave a comment down below so I can make the English eBook available to you!

I’ll be sharing one of my favorite recipes from the eBook soon :)


Turmeric 'latte' (Intermittent fasting)

Sweet potato bruschetta with broccoli pesto

Superpower kale salad

Skinny cauliflower pizza

Almond crumble with blackberries

Berry soft serve ice cream










Your book sounds amazing. I'd love to see it in English!

Star wrote Reply

Thanks so much Star! I'll be working on an English version asap :)

wrote Reply

I would love to see the book in English!

Erica wrote Reply

Thanks Erica! I hope to have it ready by the end of Summer :)

wrote Reply

I am definitely interested in an English e-book ☺️☺️

Kim wrote Reply

Thanks Kim! I'll work on an English version asap :)

wrote Reply
Ashley Warren

English version of book please!!!!

Ashley Warren wrote Reply

Thanks Ashley! Coming soon :)

wrote Reply
Jenny Handy

I would love an English version of the ebook!

Jenny Handy wrote Reply

Thanks for letting me know Jenny! I'll do my best to translate it asap :) Love, Julie

wrote Reply

Will the Keto ebook be available in English?

Jennifer wrote Reply

Hi Jennifer, I'm currently working on an English translation - will let you know once it's ready! Love, Julie

wrote Reply

Hi Julie,

What a great new and excited project!! I can’t wait to discover this new ebook and try the Keto recipes to reach my bikini challenge ;-)

Somville wrote Reply

Thanks so much! It's definitely bikini body approved ;-)

wrote Reply

I'd love to read your book.

Ula wrote Reply

Thanks Ula :) Coming soon!

wrote Reply
Tina Hofmann

I'd be really interested in the English version as I am also planning on trying Keto...and most other food plans are meat based! I am just not too keen on giving up fruit!! I have already reduced sweeteners (Maple Sirup, Honey...) drastically and have started intermittent fasting.

Tina Hofmann wrote Reply

Hi Tina, thanks for letting me know. I agree, it's hard to find low carb recipes that aren't meat-centered. You don't even have to give up on all fruit! I'll try to make the English eBook available asap so you can get started :) Love, Julie

wrote Reply

I'm very interested in your keto ebook. Please make it available in English. I've been interested in starting keto but have been having a hard time figuring out what I would eat as a low-dairy vegetarian. Your e-book is just what I've been looking for!

Luna wrote Reply

Thanks Luna! I know it can be hard to figure out what to eat. I'll get to work on the English translation asap :) Love, Julie

wrote Reply

In English would be great, thanks

Jill wrote Reply

Thanks Jill! I'll try to translate the eBook asap :)

wrote Reply

In English would be great, thanks

Jill wrote Reply

Thanks Jill! Coming very soon :)

wrote Reply
Marina Verhaegen

Dag Julie,

Wou even weten of je Keto recepten allemaal uit raw food bestaan.

Ik heb wat spijsverteringsproblemen nadat ik bezoek heb gehad van een parasiet.

Mijn echtgenoot heeft wat gewicht teveel, ik niet. Ik wil “ healthy” food.

Met vriendelijkegroeten,


Marina Verhaegen wrote Reply

Hey Marina, de keto recepten zijn grotendeels warme gerechten met ook een aantal salades. Een combinatie :) Hopelijk ben je snel van die vervelende bezoeker af!

wrote Reply
anne millien

would love to have the english version sent to me

anne millien wrote Reply

Hi Anne, at the moment the English version isn't available yet but I'll do my best to translate the eBook as soon as possible!

wrote Reply

I would love a copy of the e-book in English please! Thank you!

Tami wrote Reply

Thanks Tami! I'll get to work on an English translation soon :)

wrote Reply

Looking forward to your English version 🤗

Unni wrote Reply

Thanks Unni :) I hope to have it ready for summertime!

wrote Reply
Chrys Murphy

Julie, I would love the ebook in English and would also like to tell you how much I enjoy your emails and Instagrams - Chrys

Chrys Murphy wrote Reply

Thanks so much Chrys! That's really kind of you to say :) I'll definitely create an English version too! Have a lovely evening, Julie

wrote Reply

Any idea when the english version of your recipe book will be out??

Michelle wrote Reply

I'm not able to give you an exact date yet but it's coming this fall!

wrote Reply
Teresa Lukey

I'd love to get my hands on an English copy.

Teresa Lukey wrote Reply

Hi Teresa,

I'm currently working on an English version & hope to have it ready by the end of summer! Coming soon :) Love, Julie

wrote Reply
Teresa Madrid

I am interested in your English version. :)

Teresa Madrid wrote Reply

It's coming really soon! :)

wrote Reply

Your book sounds amazing. I'd love to see it in English!

kris wrote Reply

Hi Julie. ‘Just discovered your website. Your recipe videos are spot on. You two make it all look easy and a pleasure. So yes please, I would love to try your recipes in English. Many thanks. Warm wishes, Lorraine 👵🏻🌈🍀💫

Lorraine wrote Reply

Hi Lorraine, thanks so much for your kind words! You can find our English 'Start to Keto' eBook right here: Have a lovely weekend and a wonderful end of the year :) Warmest wishes, Julie

wrote Reply

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