Raw food nurtures your body and soul like nothing else will…

"Julie’s delicious raw vegan meals have completely transformed my life. Since I started following Julie’s nutritional advice, I feel so much fitter and happier about myself, both physically and mentally. Julie’s recipes are full of essential nutrients and really take your energy to the next level. Raw food has given me the courage to follow my intuition and open my eyes to the beauty and abundance that surrounds us. I now have a completely different perspective on life and its many wonders. I have become more grateful."
- Karine Vandenborre, Professional Horse Instructor

Raw food will help you to lose weight & feel better than ever...

"After years of unsuccessfully searching for the right diet, I discovered raw food through a dear friend of mine. His slim figure and endless energy inspired me to find out more about this amazing lifestyle. When I met Julie, I felt like the winner of a big prize. Julie & Simon’s raw food workshops introduced me to a whole new world of delicious and light dishes. Their thorough knowledge and amazing ability to explain complex subjects in clear and easily understandable language left a lasting impression on me. I immediately decided to book a personal coaching package in order to take my ‘raw transformation’ to the next level under professional guidance. Thanks to Julie’s practical tips, personalized menu plans and tasteful recipes, I now feel completely reborn. I have finally lost those excess pounds, I feel healthy and fit, I sleep better, and I am able to concentrate longer and more deeply. I have even convinced my man, a born lover of bacon and eggs, to start each day with a glass of green smoothie or juice. Thanks to Julie, we have learned to listen to our body. Nothing is worth more than that!"
- Kitty Dekeersgieter-Cooke, Owner & Managing Director of Transgroom + World Renowned Professional Dog Groomer at Groomania

Raw food doesn’t need to be boring or tasteless at all…

"Julie’s culinary creations burst with flavor and boost your energy levels through the roof. Before attending Julie & Simon’s raw food culinary workshops, I had no idea that it was even possible to enjoy such healthy and delicious meals without feeling guilty or deprived. I love how Julie replaces delicious comfort food classics with healthier ‘raw’ alternatives that often taste even better than the original dish. I would recommend these raw food workshops to everyone, even if you could never imagine yourself switching to a mostly raw vegan diet. Thumbs up for Julie who creates all these scrumptious recipes!"
- Hilde Van Ruysseveldt, Administrative Assistant

Raw food keeps on surprising me...

"I would absolutely recommend Julie & Simon’s raw food workshops to anyone who is looking for a healthier way to prepare tasteful dishes. Both chefs have an excellent eye for detail, pay close attention to presentation and manage to create the most delicious recipes over and over again. They welcome you with an appetizer and a drink, and they always take the time to thoughtfully answer each single question."
- Vera De Smet, University Student

Raw Food proves that healthy food can taste absolutely delicious…

"It’s easy to buy raw food cooking books and then store them ‘for later’, but Julie & Simon’s raw food culinary workshops really inspire you to get started right away and have fun in the kitchen. The workshops are packed with practical tips to help you incorporate more raw fruits and vegetables into your daily diet with ease and confidence. And what a great opportunity to meet like-minded raw foodies who may become life-long friends! Julie and Simon, thank you for making raw food so simple and fun."
- Mieke Bruggeman, writing & editing professional

Raw food shouldn't take a lot of time or effort...

"Julie & Simons culinary workshops have proven just that! Each dish is prepared in just minutes and tastes even better than it looks. Although I am not a hard-core raw foodie, I am grateful for the inspiration these workshops have given me. Thank you for the wonderful experience."
- Margot Van der Jeught, Scientific Researcher

Raw food is the secret to a healthy & vibrant life…

"When I first tasted Julie’s culinary creations at one of our local raw food potlucks, I instantly knew that she had the power to inspire many others. Her Mexican tortilla chips with Creamy Guacamole & Spicy Salsa were the true stars of the raw food party. After lunch, she entertained us with an enlightening presentation on vitamin B12, an important nutrient to watch out for on a raw vegan diet. Julie’s vast knowledge of raw food & health is really remarkable. I hope to see a lot more of her in the future!"
- Martaline MGal, founder of the online raw food community ‘Belgium Goes Raw’

I would have never thought I would fall in love with raw food...

I was looking for healthy & vegan cookbooks, and your book 'Vegan & Raw' was by far the best one I've purchased. It's simply amazing! I've also started exploring your blog and I've ordered your eBook 'Successfully Raw'. Your words, recipes and tips are truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion. I'm convinced it will change my life!
- Caroline

Since I've started eating raw, I've managed to reduce my asthma medication by 50%...

A huge relief! It was so much fun to attend your raw food workshop yesterday evening. Your professional expertise and enthusiasm really convinced me that raw & vegan cooking doesn't need to be complicated. I love your food philosophy too, free from dietary dogma and extremism. Your creativity and refreshing take on health have truly inspired me!
- Greet Vanlaer

"I love presenting Julie & Simons raw vegan culinary creations to my family and friends. It shows them that raw food can be nutritious and satisfying at the same time. If you are looking for new creative ways to prepare raw fruits and vegetables, these workshops will blow you away. Thanks for the many useful tips and practical tricks!"
- Jan Goossens, Manager

"I love how Julie demonstrates that healthy food can be absolutely delicious. Her friendly style and thorough knowledge have left a deep impression on me."
- Hilde Duc  

"Julie & Simon’s raw food workshops are truly professional, pleasant and most of all: refreshing. Every single dish is demonstrated in detail and savored with great enthusiasm. Simply marvelous!"
- Nele Therssen  

"Thanks to Julie’s Lifestyle I can still enjoy tasty food despite my gluten intolerance. Experimenting in the kitchen has never been more fun. I am really enjoying all the energy and power raw food is giving me."
- Laura Vanderhaegen