3 Easy Ways to Save Time on a Raw Food Diet

Have you considered going raw for several months or years now, but are you afraid that it would just take too much time? Do you feel overwhelmed or even horrified by the thought of having to spend countless hours in the kitchen? One of the biggest misconceptions about the raw food lifestyle is that it takes an enormous amount of time to prepare all that gorgeous food. Don’t let this fear stop you from incorporating more raw fruits and vegetables into your daily diet! It is perfectly possible to maintain a high-raw lifestyle without becoming a kitchen slave ☺ These 3 easy tips will help you to save time on a raw food diet.

1. Love your dehydrator

If you don’t have a dehydrator yet make sure you get the 9-tray version, because you will always want to dehydrate in large batches. It’s so easy to prepare delicious raw meals, snacks and desserts when you have a good supply of soaked and dehydrated nuts, seasoned seeds, vegetable chips, crackers, croutons, cookies, granola and other dehydrated goodies on hand.

2. Keep it simple

Many classic ‘gourmet’ raw food recipes require quite a lot of work in the kitchen. While I really enjoy preparing delicate menus for friends and family, I usually keep it simple during weekdays. Start your day with several glasses of green smoothie (subscribe to the mailing list for your free smoothie eBook) and a big bowl of chia pudding, have a satisfying salad, wrap or soup for lunch, enjoy plenty of fresh fruit & vegetables as a snack and finish your day with a delicious raw pasta or – when you feel like having something warm – enjoy a dinner of steamed vegetables and tempeh, or any other type of healthy protein.

3. Explore new flavors

When you are just starting out on a raw food diet, it can be tempting to stick to well-known flavours and dishes because they give you a feeling of safety or comfort. However, I always encourage my coaching clients to get creative in the kitchen and explore different flavours from around the world. You might think you prefer Italian, Japanese, Mexican or French cuisine now, but raw food will rejuvenate your taste buds and open you to a new and exciting world full of culinary possibilities. You might have to spend some extra time in the kitchen during the first few weeks but once you discover your favourites, it will be that much easier to create delicious raw meals. So don’t be afraid to try something new! You never know what you will discover along the way ☺

For more practical tips on how to go and stay successfully raw, check out my ‘Raw Transformation’ eBook. Or if you're just looking for easy raw food recipes, check out my Raw Recipe eBook for Beginners.

Now I would love to hear from you! How do you successfully maintain a high-raw lifestyle and still save time in the kitchen? I would love to hear all about your secrets tips & tricks, so definitely leave a comment down below.


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