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More than 10 years ago while studying to become a professional journalist, I was diagnosed with Epstein-Barr (chronic glandular fever) and candida overgrowth due to stress, antibiotics and food sensitivities. The only way for me to regain my health was to avoid stress and completely overhaul my eating habits. I started by cutting refined sugars, wheat and dairy products from my diet, and gradually transitioned to a primarily plant-based lifestyle.

Easy Vegan with Julie

It was during this search for optimal health that I discovered raw & vegan food. After experimenting with smoothies, green juices and salads for a few weeks, I started to see incredible changes in my energy, weight and overall health. 

The effects on my body and mind were so surprising that I decided to travel to California in order to learn more about raw & vegan cooking. Together with my partner Simon, I enrolled at the Living Light Culinary Institute where we learned all about raw food cooking techniques, flavor balancing and the science of plant-based nutrition.

That's when I started Julie’s Lifestyle as a blog to share my experiences and my love for healthy & delicious food.


Back in Belgium, Simon and I started a small business offering vegan culinary workshops and raw food catering.

After co-founding and working as the head chefs at the high-end raw food restaurant Essence Cuisine in 2014, we decided to change courses and pioneer Belgium’s first raw vegan product line ALL GOOD, an idea that was born during our culinary workshops.

With ALL GOOD, it is our mission to offer tasty and convenient plant-based snacks that will fuel your body with the essential nutrients it needs to perform at its best.

All Good raw vegan product line

All of our products are:

  • vegan
  • gluten free
  • naturally sweetened or completely sugar free
  • dairy free
  • all natural (free from artificial preservatives, flavorings...)
  • handmade with high-quality ingredients: fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds


After launching ALL GOOD, I started working on my first cookbook to share my story and recipes with a wider audience. Shortly after its publication in Belgium in 2015, Julie Natuurlijk was translated as Vegan & Raw. My second cookbook Easy Vegan met Julie (available in English as Vegan & Raw 2) quickly followed. I feel incredibly happy and grateful that we had the opportunity to present both books in New York and Los Angeles.


Fast forward: after 6 years on a low fat high carb plant-based diet, my body started to give me signs that it needed more. I had strong cravings for sweet treats, I never felt satisfied after a meal and I got ‘hangry’ if I didn’t eat any snacks in between meals. My energy levels dropped because of an Epstein-Barr flare-up and I started experiencing digestive issues such as bloating, gas and constipation whenever I had legumes and grains – ingredients that are very common in vegan cooking. Lab tests showed that my hormones were out of balance and that my gut lining was very weak, making it difficult for my body to absorb vitamins and minerals.

My doctor advised me to re-introduce small amounts of animal protein into my diet. Not an easy decision to make after ten years of plant-based eating and two Vegan & Raw cookbooks, but a necessary one if I were ever to heal my hormonal imbalance and digestive issues. Vegetables still play the leading role in my current diet, with plenty of healthy fats (like avocado, extra virgin coconut oil and organic grass-fed butter) and small amounts of organic free-range poultry, wild fish and homegrown eggs for protein.

The idea of keto is simple. If you limit your carbohydrate intake and get most of your calories from healthy fats, your body will switch to burning fat for fuel instead of glucose (sugar). This puts your body into a state of ‘ketosis’, meaning your liver produces ketones for energy. You basically turn your body into a natural fat burner.

Eating more healthy fats and moving away from a strict vegan diet has helped me immensely to balance my hormones, improve my sleep quality, heal my gut and overcome candida. It has also helped me to keep my blood sugar level stable, feel more satisfied and beat food cravings once and for all.



Low Carb Lekker en Snel

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Keto in 15 Minuten Mediterraan

De inwoners rond de Middellandse Zee weten het al langer: elke dag met volle teugen genieten van veel verse groenten, fruit en het beste wat de zee te bieden heeft, is de sleutel tot een lang, gezond en gelukkig leven.


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