Tips for Eating Raw While Traveling: Healthy Snacks & Meals

When you’re just starting to incorporate more raw foods into your daily diet or even when you have been eating mostly raw for a long while, it might seem a challenge to stay raw while traveling. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult to stay raw on a trip. With the right preparation and planning, it is completely possible to continue eating raw foods no matter where you are in the world or how long you plan to be away from home. If you pack a raw food travel bag with the right equipment and foods, you will be able to prepare the most delicious raw meals in only minutes.

Traveling to your holiday or business destination can often be stressful and tiring. Especially when you’re traveling by plane, it is very easy to get dehydrated and suffer from fatigue and dry skin. Eating rubbery plane food doesn’t make the travel experience any more enjoyable. So why settle for anything less than delicious, highly nutritious raw vegan meals and snacks? Fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as dehydrated snacks and water will keep you energized and satisfied throughout the entire trip.

Are you curious to know how you can best prepare for a car or plane trip?

Here are 4 Tips for Eating Raw While Traveling.

Tip 1: Stay Well Hydrated

I always have a green smoothie or a green juice before my flight or car trip, as well as a few glasses of purified water to keep me hydrated and energized. If I’m traveling by car, I take several large bottles of water with me. On a plane, I always invest in good quality bottled water.

Tip 2: Plan Ahead

If you’re going on a long plane trip, you may want to contact your travel agent in advance and reserve a fruit or vegetable plate for your meal instead of the usual plane food. Once you’ve arrived at your holiday destination and you want to go on an organized tour or trip, make sure you advise the organizers in advance that you are on a raw food diet. Oftentimes, they will be happy to cater for any special groups like vegans and vegetarians.

Tip 3: Keep it Simple and Light

When I’m traveling, I often find myself eating out of boredom or fatigue. Therefore, I always make sure my travel meals and snacks are light and simple. Fresh fruits and vegetables will satisfy your hunger and thirst without leaving you feeling bloated or sluggish. Drinking water will also prevent you from constantly snacking or craving sweets. If you do find yourself craving a sweet or savory treat, try some seasoned seeds and nuts, a piece of banana with almond butter or a handful of dried fruits. However, try to keep your meals as simple as possible to improve digestion and avoid constipation.

Tip 4: Pack What you Need

When going on a road or plane trip, I always pack a raw survival kit to ensure that I have something healthy to eat to avoid unnecessary frustration – try finding fresh fruits and vegetables at an airport or roadside restaurant – and unnecessary expense – airport food can be terribly overpriced! 

Would you like to know what raw foods and equipment I usually take when traveling? Then stay tuned for my next blog post, because more tips on how to stay raw while traveling are coming your way on Thursday!

What are your favorite raw snacks to take with you while traveling? Let me know by leaving a comment down below.

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