Keto Success Story of Valérie Boehlen

Keto Success Story of
Valérie Boehlen

My name is Valérie, I am a mother of two teenage boys. My story might sound familiar: after my second pregnancy 12 years ago, my weight kept going up. No matter which diet I tried, nothing seemed to work.

In the Summer of 2018 I heard about the keto lifestyle through a friend. Together with my dietitian Patricia Silverans, I decided to limit my carbohydrates and instead focus on plenty of vegetables and good fats with adequate amounts of healthy protein.

During my research I came across Julie’s first keto cookbook ‘Het Keto Plan’. To me it confirmed that I had made the right decision.

The effect of keto was absolutely incredible: after just 3 months I had lost a whopping 27 pounds!

Keto has helped me to regain control over my health and weight. I used to get hangry in between meals because my blood sugar level was constantly going up and down. I also suffered from intense cravings for sweet snacks, bread and pasta. The more carbs I ate, the more my body seemed to crave them. Keto freed me from those cravings.

I no longer obsess about food, my energy has gone up and my health has greatly improved. I am now over 36 pounds lighter, no calorie counting needed! My skin has also cleared up and my digestion works better than ever. I’ve even returned to school to pursue my passion and become a photographer.


Would you like to try keto too?

If you stick to a good keto plan, your body will become ‘fat-adapted’ after just a few months. From then on you can be more flexible. Julie’s recipes for low carb sweets have been really helpful. I still enjoy chocolate, bread, cakes and cookies, but without the added sugars and refined grains. I also like to eat out at restaurants and enjoy a ‘traditional’ meal with friends and family.

Yes, you can still have a social life on keto ;-) It’s all about balance.

If you’re ready to take back control of your health, energy and weight, I would advise you to read about the science of nutrition and keto so you know what is happening in your body. Julie’s keto book & eBook have all the info you need to get started. It really makes the switch to keto a lot easier.

I was also lucky to attend two of Julie’s keto workshops. Fantastic atmosphere and incredibly instructive! Julie takes the time to answer all of your questions and it’s so much fun to watch her share her vast knowledge and prepare delicious meals. I can’t wait to dive into her new book!

One last tip: get yourself a good nutritionist. Working with a personal coach has made a huge difference to me, especially in the beginning.


Don’t let others discourage you from dreaming big or reaching your goals. Only you know what’s best for your body!

Today I still follow a keto lifestyle in combination with ‘intermittent fasting’, something you can read more about in Julie’s book ‘Het Keto Plan’. Food is no longer just a meal. It is the fuel that nourishes and energizes every cell in my body.

As the saying goes, “let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”

Keto Success Story: find out how keto can transform your health, weight and energy!

Valérie Boehlen, wife of Top doctor Prof. Gwen Swennen, mom of Joaquin and Cédrique, graduate in business management and student photographer