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The Ultimate 15 Day Keto Meal Plan Program (including Detailed Day-to-Day Meal Plans, Shopping Lists & 27 Easy Recipes!)


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Would you like to give keto or intermittent fasting a try but are you unsure how to get started?

Are you looking for:

  • More energy
  • An easy way to lose weight without counting calories
  • Improved sleep
  • Fewer cravings for sweet snacks
  • A flatter belly and better digestion
  • More inner peace
  • Better protection against diabetes, depression, Alzheimer’s, cancer and other diseases caused by chronic inflammation?

This Easy 15-Day Keto Meal Plan Program has got you covered! 

Think of it as your personal keto nutrition coach that you can consult any time of the day from the comfort of your own home.

Not sure if the low carb high fat way of eating is for you?

When I first heard about keto, I also had my doubts.

It didn’t seem logical at all to eat fat in order to burn fat. I was especially skeptical about the high amounts of meat and dairy in conventional keto recipes.

As a former plant-based chef, I decided to design a unique keto meal plan program that is mainly centered around vegetables and healthy fats such as avocado, nuts, seeds, extra virgin olive oil, ghee and coconut.

Combined with smaller amounts of healthy high-quality protein such as free-range eggs and poultry, wild-caught fish, organic tofu and tempeh, you’ve got a perfectly balanced anti-inflammatory lifestyle that will allow you to reap the rewards of keto without any of the pitfalls (bye bye keto flu!).

The meal plan also includes tips and recipes for regular carb-ups to feed your good gut bacteria, keep your hormones in balance (especially important for women), and keep your energy levels high. Think of healthy slow carbohydrates such as oven-baked sweet potato ‘fries’, roasted beetroot chips and the creamiest berry chia pudding.

Still not sure if you’ll be able to miss your favorite bread, pasta and other carb-heavy comfort foods?

Think again! I’ve included several delicious low carb recipes to keep cravings at bay, including pizza, BBQ tacos and a delicious fat-burner chocolate bar.

The eBook contains:

  • A step-by-step beginner’s guide to keto and intermittent fasting
  • 27 easy low carb recipes, from breakfast and snacks to lunch & dinner
  • a pantry essentials checklist you can take with you to the grocery store
  • 15 detailed meal plans with the right macros to help you burn fat
  • Weekly shopping lists to plan your groceries and save even more time

and much more! (Click HERE for the Table of Contents)

All the recipes are free from gluten & sugar, and many of the dishes are plant-based. Every recipe has vegan or dairy free alternatives.

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