Healthy Foodie Travels: My Favorite Vegan Restaurants in New York | Part 2

If you’re visiting New York City any time soon and you’re looking for delicious healthy restaurants to visit, I’ve got you covered! A few weeks ago, I shared five of my favorite vegan restaurants in New York. Today I’m sharing another five vegan hotspots in NYC.

Double Zero

Who needs dairy cheese when you can create magic with just nuts & probiotics? Simon and I had a romantic birthday dinner at Double Zero by Matthew Kenney and we got to taste the vegan ‘cheese’ platter as our first course: super crunchy pizza bread, pickled carrot & cauliflower (yellow thanks to turmeric) + 3 raw vegan cheeses: 'Gouda', 'Blue Cheese' and 'Peppercorn'. The blue cheese was definitely my favorite.

The pizzas were outstanding too. We had the ‘Spicy Marinara Arrabbiata’ with shiitake bacon, roasted cauliflower, macadamia ricotta & basil (on the left) and the ‘Caramelized Eggplant’ with tomato, olives & herbed cashew mozzarella (on the right). Best vegan pizza I've ever had so far!

We ended the dinner with raw vegan tiramisu pie and savored every spoonful. It had a fluffy almond flour base topped with decadent layers of vanilla cream and chocolate coffee cream, finished with a generous drizzle of raw chocolate sauce & a beautiful edible flower. It kind of reminded me of our ALL GOOD Tiramisu Cheesecake ;-)

Vegan Cheese Platter at Double Zero New York

Vegan Pizza at Double Zero New York

Tiramisu Pie at Double Zero New York

Candle 79

Lunch at Candle 79 was very satisfying to say the least. The service was excellent & the food very filling - Simon almost couldn't finish his dish but since I hate food waste, I gave it my best go! We had the Pomegranate BBQ Skewers with fennel orange salad & chipotle aioli -- the daily special salad with lentils, arugula, roasted sweet potato & stuffed squash blossom -- and the burrito with caramelized onions, sautéed greens, chipotle black beans, brown rice, guacamole & tofu sour cream. Come hungry.

Vegan Lunch at Candle 79 New York

Vegan Burrito at Candle 79 New York

Dr. Cow

Another hidden gem in Williamsburg (Brooklyn). Probably the smallest shop we visited in New York, but wait until you taste their menu! Dr. Cow makes the best artisanal raw vegan nut cheeses, milks and desserts. We tried several of their fermented nut cheeses, snacked on crunchy buckwheat biscotti (I loved the chocolate one, Simon thought the savory rosemary biscotti were even better) and shared the cutest chocolate tartlet I’ve ever seen. It had a crunchy dark chocolate crust filled with silky chocolate mousse & a dollop of coconut cream made with young Thai coconuts. Coco-choco party in my mouth :)

Raw Vegan Chocolate Mousse Tartlet at Dr. Cow New York

Angelica Kitchen

If you’re craving a hearty home-cooked meal, you’re in for a treat at Angelica Kitchen. This old-school vegan restaurant was one of the first places in New York to hop on the ‘farm to table’ bus: cooking with local and organic seasonal vegetables. We ordered the ‘Olé Man Seitan’, a huge tortilla wrap filled with roasted vegetables & spicy peanut sauce, and the ‘Lasagna Special’: rice pasta with tofu ‘ricotta’, basil tomato sauce and eggplant. Expect generous portion sizes and friendly service.

Vegan Lunch at Angelica Kitchen New York

Pressed Juicery

Thé place to be for refreshing juices, creamy smoothies and Pressed Juicery Freeze: raw vegan soft serve ice cream made with nut milk and dates. Low in calories, high in nutrients and so pretty to look at I almost didn’t dare to touch it… Until I had a first spoonful – the ice cream was gone in 60 seconds.

Pressed Juicery Freeze New York - Raw Vegan Vanilla Chocolate Soft Serve Ice Cream


Now I’d love to hear from you! Are you curious to find out how I prepare my meals & snacks while traveling? Do you like to visit healthy and vegan restaurants too when you’re visiting a new city or country? Let me know by leaving a comment down below.


How can you make cream without eggs? Those cream look so smooth.

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Hi Zore, you can make several kinds of vegan cream: with full-fat coconut milk, with cashews... You can find recipes on the blog!
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