Quick & Easy Lunch Ideas to Stay Successfully Raw at the Office

Eating healthy at the office can be quite a challenge, especially when you are in a hurry in the morning and don’t have a long lunch break. These quick and easy lunch ideas will keep you satisfied and energized, even in the most stressful times.

1. Salad with ripe fruit

This is one of my personal favorites. Green leafy vegetables and sweet fruits like mango, papaya or apples will boost your energy and provide you with all the calories you need to stay focused at work. Still feeling hungry? Why not enjoy a healthy dessert such as a large glass of green smoothie or a banana ‘milk’ shake? For recipe ideas, check out my free eBook “Julie’s Top 7 Fast, Easy & Delicious Raw Smoothies & Shakes” by signing up to the mailing list.

2. Salad with quinoa or tempeh

As you might have noticed, I am a big fan of healthy plant-based protein. If you are trying to limit your intake of fruit sugars and fats, this is an excellent way to take in enough calories and nutrients while still maintaining a high-raw diet. Quinoa and tempeh are both excellent choices, but there are many other vegan protein options such as legumes, sprouts and seaweed. If you would like to find out more, check out these previous posts on healthy plant-based protein.

3. Vegetable crudité with dip of your choice

Whether you have the time to enjoy lunch with your colleagues or you are quickly grabbing something in front of the computer or in your car, vegetable crudité with a creamy dip sauce is always a good option. You don’t need any cutlery and you don’t have to worry about making a mess. Looking for ‘dip sauce’ inspiration? Try a bowl of fresh guacamole, Mediterranean humus, Italian almond ‘ricotta’, Mexican ‘nacho cheese’ or Asian ginger tahini dip.

You can find 3 extra raw vegan lunch tips right here.

What kind of raw vegan lunch recipes are you looking for? I would love to hear from you in the comments below. 


Ohuwa Furblur

My friends and I do a raw cleanse every August. We are always seeking quick n' easy lunch ideas or creative smoothie ideas. I like the leafy green salad add mango or papayas, thanks very much.

Ohuwa Furblur wrote Reply

You're very welcome! Good luck with the cleanse :)

wrote Reply

I like your lunch recepies but am concerned that the papaya and mango might be gmo grown. I have tried to get organic ones with no success!

Could you let me know whats your take on that that??

Maria wrote Reply
Hi Maria, you're right to be concerned. I would definitely look for fruit that has a non-GMO organic label!
wrote Reply

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