Vegan Food Hotspots in London

London is thé place to be for healthy food lovers! New juice bars, raw food cafés and vegan restaurants seem to be popping up all around town like mushrooms. These are some of my favorite vegan food hotspots in London

If you would love to start your day with a raw vegan breakfast, definitely visit Nama Foods, “a raw food oasis situated in the heart of Notting Hill offering mouthwatering and highly nutritious meals and refreshments”. Also on the menu: salads, wraps, pasta, pizza, sushi, Mexican chilli, Thai coconut curry and cheesecake!

Vegan Food Hot Spots in London

Vegan Food Hot Spots in London

Nama Foods has the best superfood smoothies and shakes. This is the ‘Chocolate Heaven’, a mix of cacao, lucuma, cashews, chia seeds, almond milk, cinnamon, maple syrup, vanilla and coconut sugar. Who can resist chocolate for breakfast?

The shake on the left is called ‘Luscious Lucuma’, a mix of fresh almond milk, banana, chia seeds, lucuma, coconut oil, maple syrup, vanilla and coconut sugar.

Vegan Food Hot Spots in London

Who wants Pancakes and Ice Cream for breakfast? Me, me!! Mini cinnamon walnut pancakes with banana ice cream, maple coconut almond crumble and blueberries.

Vegan Food Hot Spots in London

Simon’s choice: ‘Ooosha’s Spiced Coconut Porridge’ with fresh young coconut, dates, almonds, apple, vanilla and spices – topped with cacao nibs, hemp seeds and blueberries.

Vegan Food Hot Spots in London

Juice time! After visiting Notting Hill, we go back to Nama Foods for a shot of wheat grass juice (one of the best ways to detoxify your body), a ‘Green Dream Juice’ with parsley, fennel, celery, cucumber, lime and ginger (very green – only for the brave) and a ‘Tropical Bliss Juice’ with pineapple, kale and cucumber. What can I say… I have a sweet tooth!

Vegan Food Hot Spots in London

For lunch Simon and I head to Wild Food Café at Neil’s Yard, close to Covent Garden. The café is always super crowded and the atmosphere is very laid back. 

My pick: the ‘Ayurvedic Super Salad’, a mix of lamb’s lettuce and wild arugula with amaranth, zucchini pasta, hijiki seaweed, artichoke, avocado, cucumber, red bell pepper and marinated shitake mushrooms, topped with pesto (made with cilantro, parsley and arugula), sweet mango salsa and herbed seeds.

On the background: the ‘Wild Falafel’ with sprouted chickpea hummus, falafel made of pistachio nuts, olives and cilantro, baba ganoush, sprouted quinoa tabouleh, red bell pepper dressing and tahini sauce. 

Vegan Food Hot Spots in London

The ‘Wild Burger’ is real man food: sprouted bread with a burger made of shitake mushrooms, olives and dulse seaweed, topped with ‘wild sauce’, tomatillo salsa verde, caramelized onion, baba ganoush and lettuce. Served with oven baked sweet potato fries!

Vegan Food Hot Spots in London

For dessert we shared the ‘raw cake special’: Mango Cheesecake with Lime Zest and Pomegranate.

More vegan foodie tips in London coming soon!



All these London Vegan hotspots prove that vegan food is not boring, the only limit is your imagination

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