2 Vegan & Keto Coffee Drinks + Best Plant-Based Milks for Cappuccino

Brain Fuel Cappuccino & Gingerbread Latte Macchiato (Philips LatteGo)


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Brain Fuel Cappuccino

Gingerbread Latte Macchiato

  • Oat milk barista, unsweetened
  • Coffee beans
  • Gingerbread spice (or cinnamon)

Coffee lovers reunite! Today I treat you to two vegan and keto coffee drinks that are excellent for breakfast (hello energy boost!) or as a mid-morning snack: the creamiest Brain Fuel Cappuccino and frothy Gingerbread Latte Macchiato in our brand-new Philips LatteGo.

Although I’m a real tea person (my current favorite is rooibos), I also love the flavor of coffee, especially if it’s an authentic Italian cappuccino with steamed milk. Only, who has the time (or patience :)) to make fresh coffee ánd steamed milk first thing in the morning? So when Simon showed up with a Philips LatteGo at our ALL GOOD atelier a few weeks ago, I couldn’t wait to try it out! It’s a fully automatic espresso machine with a unique milk system that makes the frothiest steamed milk + it’s easy to clean too (less time cleaning = win-win).

You can use regular full-fat milk but since I don’t digest dairy, I decided to try different types of plant-based milk alternatives. Pure unsweetened almond milk (I tested Provamel) and coconut milk turned out to be two great vegan keto options for creamy cappuccino, but my absolute favorite plant-based milk for frothy lattes is without a doubt… (drum rolls)… barista oat milk!

Brain Fuel Cappuccino + Gingerbread Latte Macchiato (2 Vegan & Keto Coffee Recipes)

Yes, oat milk is higher in complex carbohydrates (too high if you’re on a strict keto diet) but it tastes great, it’s an excellent alternative to regular dairy milk and it’s high in protein, which partly explains why it steams so well.

Want to make a keto friendly cappuccino? Use full-fat milk (I asked a friend who works as a professional barista and he said: “no low fat or semi-skim, you need full-fat to properly froth”) or try unsweetened almond or coconut milk that has a bit of guar gum or xanthan gum (it acts as a thickener and helps to froth).

Not on a strict keto diet? Try barista oat milk (I used Oatly), it’s great for cappuccino and lattes.

The only ingredients you’ll need for your Brain Fuel Cappuccino are water, your favorite coffee beans, full-fat milk (I used unsweetened barista oat milk) and a spoonful of our ALL GOOD MCT oil, made from pure coconut yet neutral in flavor.

ALL GOOD MCT Oil For Energy & Fat-Burning

Pure C8 MCT oil helps to maximize the benefits of coffee (higher energy, mental clarity and focus) because it allows the caffeine to be slowly released throughout the morning.

If you wish, you can also add a bag of collagen boost, one of the main building blocks of your bones, teeth, muscles, joints and especially important for youthful skin.

I’m very sensitive to caffeine so I usually make a Latte Macchiato with lots of steamed milk and just a little bit of coffee. Delicious with cinnamon, chai spice or gingerbread spice if you love warming fall drinks.

Even better with a piece of dark chocolate or keto candy, like the fat-burner chocolate bar, hazelnut ganache squares or chocolate almond butter balls, all recipes you can find in our Keto Made Easy eBook bundle. :)

x Julie

Keto Made Easy eBook

Brain Fuel Cappuccino + Gingerbread Latte Macchiato (Vegan & Keto Coffee Recipes)


Brain Fuel Cappuccino

  1. Pour one to three teaspoons MCT oil in a coffee mug. Add a bag of natural collagen powder if desired.
  2. Press ‘cappuccino’ on the Philips LatteGo. Stir the MCT oil and collagen powder into the cappuccino, then press ‘cappuccino’ again for a double brain fuel cappuccino.
  3. Get ready for a serious energy boost ;-) Great for breakfast first thing in the morning, or as a mid-morning snack.

Gingerbread Latte Macchiato

  1. Craving a warming comforting fall drink? Treat yourself to this vegan latte macchiato with oat milk.
  2. Press ‘latte macchiato’ on the Philips LatteGo. Garnish with cinnamon or gingerbread spice. You could also stir in more gingerbread spice while the latte is running, or you could even add a spoonful of ‘speculoos’ biscoff spread ;-) There’s a recipe for homemade vegan biscoff spread in my book ‘Vegan & Raw 2’. If you replace the maple syrup with keto sweetener, you’ve got keto biscoff spread!

Brain Fuel Cappuccino + Gingerbread Latte Macchiato (2 Vegan & Keto Coffee Recipes)


  • If you’re sensitive to caffeine, make sure to drink your coffee before 3PM so it doesn’t interrupt your sleep pattern at night.
  • You can also transform this Latte Macchiato into a ‘Dirty Chai’ (a combination of espresso latte and chai tea) by adding a bag of chai collagen and an extra coffee shot if desired.

Have you ever tried keto coffee with MCT oil?

Would you like to see more MCT oil recipes on the blog? Leave a comment down below.

You can use it in hot drinks, smoothies and breakfast recipes, desserts, to replace olive oil in sauces and dips…

Brain Fuel Cappuccino + Gingerbread Latte Macchiato (2 Vegan & Keto Coffee Recipes)

Nutritional value Brain Fuel Cappuccino
(with unsweetened almond milk, 1 tablespoon MCT oil and 1 bag of collagen boost per person)

Carbohydrates 0.2 g, Protein 10.2 g, Fats 16.9 g, Calories 205 kcal

Nutritional value Gingerbread Latte Macchiato
(with 100 ml unsweetened barista oat milk per person)

Carbohydrates 5.7 g, Protein 1.3 g, Fats 2.9 g, Calories 57.7 kcal

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