Keto: how to get started and boost your fat-burning metabolism

Keto: how to get started and boost your fat-burning metabolism


Want to get started with the ‘high fat low carb’ keto lifestyle and discover how you can increase your energy levels and boost your fat-burning metabolism by eating more healthy fats?

If you’ve been following me for a while, you probably know that I discovered the keto way of eating about a year ago through Dave Asprey’s book The Bulletproof Diet. Before, I had been limiting my fat intake for years, thinking fats would make me tired or… fat. But after 6 years on a low-fat plant-based diet, my body was giving me clear signs that something needed to change. I started experiencing hormonal imbalances, digestive issues (candida) and a flare-up of the Epstein-Barr virus, leaving me feeling fatigued and restless.

After reading more about the science of keto in Dr. Mercola’s book Fat Fueled (an American doctor and keto expert that I’ve been following for over 10 years), I started incorporating more healthy fats into my diet. At the same time, I decreased the amount of fruit and carbohydrates I was having, especially legumes and grains since those left me feeling bloated.

After consulting with my doctor, lab results showed that I was deficient in several nutrients. Since discovering the raw and vegan lifestyle, I had been taking supplements to make up for potential deficiencies. When I found out that my body wasn’t able to properly absorb the nutrients from the supplements, I had no other choice than to start incorporating small amounts of animal protein into my diet again if I were ever to heal my hormonal imbalances.

After a few weeks of changing my diet and eating way more healthy fats, I started experiencing dramatic changes in my blood sugar level: I no longer woke up feeling hungry as a horse, I felt more satisfied after my meals and my cravings for sweet snacks almost completely disappeared.

The decision to move away from a strict vegan lifestyle and evolve to a plant-powered way of eating wasn’t an easy one. It took me several months to accept that my body needed more nutrients; building blocks that I couldn’t absorb from just plants.

I hope by opening up to you and sharing my story, I’ll be able to help many others who are struggling with low energy, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, weight gain or sugar cravings.


Now I’d love to hear from you!

What would you like to see more of on the blog?

Easy low carb recipes, more info on keto, tips on how to get started, what a typical day on my plate looks like, what the best fats are, a list of the healthiest carbohydrates, sugar free desserts…

Are you struggling with health issues, difficulty sleeping or mood swings?

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of keto and how healthy fats can help you to boost your energy and fat-burning metabolism?

I’d love to help you on your personal journey so don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below.


PS: my new ‘Start to Keto’ eBook is almost ready!

At the moment, I’ve only written it in Dutch but if you would be interested in an English version as well, definitely let me know in the comments so I can make it available to you :)

In the meanwhile, these are a few low carb keto recipes to get you started!


Vegan Keto Breakfast: Berry Chia Pudding with Coconut Milk

Vegan Spaghetti Carbonara

Vegan Pizza Bites with Cashew Cheese

Summer Vegetable Coconut Curry

Grilled Vegetable Skewers with Tempeh (serve with a salad of greens and avocado instead of quinoa)

Rainbow Noodle Salad with Pesto (replace the rice noodles with extra zucchini pasta)

Vegan Keto Bento Box



I so appreciate your sharing, and love the logic and beauty you bring to food, health and well being. What you’ve done in this blog, personal truth telling without judging yourself or others, is so urgently needed. So much of your story resonated with me… I went raw for 9 months and added all the essential supplements— and loved every bite until the morning I woke up and couldn’t get warm. I knew it was time for a shift when a bowl of soaked raisins and hot oatmeal turned my life upside down. As a scientist when I understood the connection between my inner carnivore and the environment, I went vegan overnight. However, a few months ago I found myself weary of being tired, and sick of the battle with legumes and knew I had to change. My body and spirit bounced back after I added occasional sardines and organic eggs, and ramped up on all things green.

Life is too short —and too long— to not realise that there must be plasticity to the best intent. Self-legislated rules are made to be bent and the rule book sometimes has to be rewritten lest we get totally bent out of shape. Being free to listen —and actually hear what our body has to say is a gift. Doing so leads has led to many a breakthrough, carrying me far beyond the breakdowns that threatened by that not eating what my body needed and yes, wanted.

Thanks so much for your work!

A ray of light sent to you from a cool day on the Costa del Sol!

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Dear Lynn Claire, Thank you so much for sharing your story and wisdom. You are absolutely right! I hope by opening up and sharing my experiences I can be of service to others who are struggling with the same. Thank you for your support and kindness! Sending you a big hug from Belgium :) Love, Julie
wrote Reply

I’d love to read the vegan Keto book in English!

Bianca wrote Reply
Thanks for letting me know Bianca! I'll definitely be working on an English translation :) Love, Julie
wrote Reply

These recipes look great. Would love to see your book translated in English.

Tanya wrote Reply
Thanks Tanya! I'll definitely keep you updated about the English translation :) Have a nice day!
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Reitske Bosschem

Hi Julie,

Dank je wel om zo open te zijn over jouw zoektocht! Je helpt er mensen zoals ik mee! Ik kamp zelf met gelijkaardige problemen en ben dan ook heel geïnteresseerd in de keto manier van eten. Ik volgde al je workshop, maar zit nog met veel vragen, dus kijk uit naar je e-book!! Groetjes, Reitske

Reitske Bosschem wrote Reply
Hi Reitske, Dank je wel voor je berichtje. Ik hoop dat het nieuwe 'Start to Keto' eBook je alvast op weg zal helpen! Normaal gezien komt het er eind volgende week aan :) Veel liefs, Julie
wrote Reply
Foofie Faulstich

Hi Julie,

I am interested in receiving your Keto e-book I enjoy your beautiful web page and creativity.

Though I'm healthy, I really want to lose weight and have never really found the right plan. This may help.

Thank you,


Foofie Faulstich wrote Reply
Hi Foofie, Thanks for your comment. I'll definitely work on an English translation of the new 'Start to Keto' eBook so you can try this lifestyle too. I hope it will bring you peace of mind, energy and a lighter body. As soon as I have more info about the English translation, I'll share it on the blog! Have a lovely day, Julie
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Dear Julie,

I have always struggled with my health (digesstive issues and fatigue) and weight, even though I don't know anyone else eating as healthy as I do. I have been experimenting with food and searching for 'my diet' for years now. Cutting out meat, dairy and gluten from my diet has already had an enormous impact on my health. However, I still have digesstive issues and I am unable to lose fat.

I believe that this is mostly due to the fact that I am under an excessive amount of stress since 2 years. But I also have an extremely slow metabolism and PCOS. It was my hormonal imbalances that got me really interested in the Keto diet. I have tried it in a strict way in January, however it was not sustainable as I had to spend too much time looking for recepies, cooking and calculating my calories intake and I ended up under-eating. My problem is that I have been eating a very small amount of carbs since November/December 2017, but until now, the only time I saw a real difference was when I was strict with it in January.

So even though I am pretty sure that the keto diet would really help me with my issues, it still find it too complicated, time and money consuming for me.

So I would really like to hear from you how you manage it on a daily basis: if calculate your macros, how often you fast, how you prepare your meal plans, etc.

Thank you for your work. I am looking forward for your ebook.



Hélène wrote Reply
Hi Hélène, I totally understand your search for the best diet that suits your body type and dietary needs at this time in your life. I actually eat more carbs than a classic keto 'diet' would allow because the strict ketogenic way of eating leaves me feeling too tired. I call it 'keto light' ;-) I'm very excited to launch my new 'Start to Keto' eBook this week. At the moment it's only available in Dutch but I'll be working on an English version too! Have you ever been to a naturopath or holistic doctor who can check your hormones? Maybe that can help because cortisol (stress) can play a major role in weight gain/loss. I hope you'll find the perfect balance for your body soon. All the best, Julie
wrote Reply

I'd love the book in english and more about switching from vegan to keto

Marianne wrote Reply
Thanks Marianne! I'll be working on the English translation this Summer. Will let you know once it's ready :) Have a lovely weekend, Julie
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Pamela Dye

Yes I would be interested in your starting keto book in English. Thank you !!!!for these recipes and I watching your you tube channel. Much appreciation. Have a great day!☺

Pamela Dye wrote Reply
Thanks Pamela! I'm currently working on an English version so definitely stay tuned :) Have a lovely Summer! All the best, Julie
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Great dishes really, I have made most of these dishes and to be honest, I never realized that eating healthy could be so exciting. Really loved your dishes and a huge thanks.

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Julie Van den Kerchove
Thanks so much Janie! That brings joy to my heart :) I hope you and your family are well. Warmest wishes from Belgium, Julie
Julie Van den Kerchove wrote Reply

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