My new cookbook ‘Het Keto Plan’ is here! Want to come to our launch party?

My new cookbook ‘Het Keto Plan’ is here! Want to come to our launch party?


Super exciting news: my newest cookbook ‘Het Keto Plan’ is coming up in just two weeks!

Since I only started writing it in January (and my deadline was end of February – talk about a last-minute passion project!) I don’t have an English translation just yet…

BUT I’ll be sharing a selection of my favorite recipes in June ánd I’m also working hard on an English version of my ‘Start to Keto’ eBook so you can discover the benefits of the high fat low carb lifestyle = shoot your fat-burning metabolism & energy through the roof :)

Pre-sale of the Dutch (NL) book ‘Het Keto Plan’ starts today. You can order your copy in presale by clicking HERE

As soon as I have more news about the English book, I’ll let you know!

In the meantime, I hope you’re enjoying the keto recipes that I recently shared on the blog. You can find the recipes by clicking HERE.

Not to forget:

if you happen to live in Belgium, you are most welcome to join us during our official book launch event on Saturday afternoon June 2nd at Boekenhuis Theoria in Kortrijk!

It will include a cooking demo and book signing :)

Would you like to discover how you can turn your body into a natural fat burner too?

You can reserve your spot (invite only) by filling in the form HERE before May 30th

Hope to see you there!


PS: here are a few pictures from the new book.. Enjoy :)

Fluffy American Pancakes (grain free!) - perfect for a Sunday breakfast or brunch

Sweet Potato 'Nachos' with Avocado Salsa & Sour Macadamia Cream

Pasta Puttanesca - Low carb keto style

Sweet Potato Toast with Avocado & Kale - power breakfast to kick-start your day!

Crunchy Cauliflower Pizza - Friday night party or cosy movie snack

Parnsnip Fries with Keto Mayonnaise - the ultimate comfort food

Sugar Free Chocolate Bounty Bars - my favorite keto treat!

Summer Berry Ice Cream Popsicles - one can never have too much ice cream :)



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