My new book Go Keto is here! Watch the behind-the-scenes movie :)

Our newest cookbook Go Keto is finally here!

We made a fun making-off movie of our shooting days at B&B The Bunkers to give you a sneak peek behind the scenes :)

The new book has 60+ new gluten and sugar free recipes, a detailed 4 week menu plan ánd a 15-minute at-home workout to support your fat-burning metabolism.

I also answer questions such as:

  • ‘how long does it take to start burning fat?’
  • ‘won’t all those healthy fats raise my cholesterol levels?’
  • ‘how can I break through a weight loss plateau?’
  • ‘what about carbohydrates if you like to exercise a lot?’
  • ‘how can I get my partner and kids on board?’
  • ‘what about saturated fats from coconut oil and butter, are they healthy?’
  • ‘how many days per week can I practice intermittent fasting?’
  • and many more!

Plant-based chef & author Julie Van den Kerchove - new cookbook Go Keto

The recipes are quick and easy, with mostly ingredients you can find in any supermarket. It has vegan recipes, vegetarian dishes and flexitarian meals with fish and poultry.

I’ve also included info & recipes for regular carb-ups once your body is ‘fat-adapted’, showing you that keto doesn’t have to be extreme or super strict at all but can be a flexible lifestyle.

The dishes are plant-focused, meaning they mostly contain lots of vegetables and healthy fats instead of revolving around meat and dairy.

Unfortunately we don’t have an English translation available yet but we are working on it and hope to offer it as soon as possible :)

If you’d love to order a signed copy of the Dutch book (Nederlandstalig), click HERE.

You can also get our English Start to Keto eBook right HERE.

Go Keto Deluxe Box

There’s more news…

We’ve created three new Keto Snack Boxes to help you get started with keto & intermittent fasting!

The Start to Keto box has our English Start to Keto eBook, keto granolas, raw vegan crackers & pure C8 MCT oil.

The Go Keto box has our newest Go Keto book (Dutch/Nederlandstalig), keto granolas, raw vegan crackers & pure C8 MCT oil.

The Go Keto Deluxe box comes with both of our Dutch keto cookbooks (Go Keto & Het Keto Plan, Nederlandstalig), keto granolas, raw vegan crackers & pure C8 MCT oil.

All the snacks are:

  • raw/vegan
  • low carb
  • gluten free and even grain free
  • sugar free
  • dairy free

They’ll help you to have more energy, beat sugar cravings and burn fat for fuel.

To order your Keto Box, click HERE.

Really looking forward to reading your feedback on the new book! If you have any questions about the book or keto, leave a comment down below.

I’ll be sharing a selection of my favorite recipes in May and June during our 30-day #goketo challenge, so stay tuned for those! More info coming soon :)


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