Keto Matcha Latte for Glowing Skin (Hot or Iced) + Give-Away!

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Keto Matcha Latte for Glowing Skin (Hot or Iced) + Give-Away!


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blender (or matcha whisk)

Preparation: 3 minutes


Whether you sip on this Keto Matcha Latte as an afternoon pick-me-up or enjoy it with your breakfast instead of your regular cup of joe (coffee, that is), this creamy green antioxidant rich latte might just become your new obsession. I know it is mine :)

Matcha is a premium green tea powder from Japan with an intense ‘green’ and fruity flavor. It’s a great alternative to coffee if you’re sensitive to caffeine like I am, since it can give you extra energy and mental clarity (a little bit of that coffee buzz) without the typical ‘crash and burn’.

It’s extremely high in antioxidants (one cup of matcha tea equals ten cups of regular green tea) which makes it an excellent drink for a New Year detox, think: weight loss, liver cleanse and glowing skin.

Here I use matcha collagen, a unique combination of premium matcha tea and marine collagen. Collagen is the main component of your bones, skin, ligaments and cartilage. It keeps your skin firm and smooth, and can help to protect your bones and joints too.

Our ancestors used to get collagen from bone broth (ex. homemade chicken broth), wild fish (cooked with the bones)… but nowadays our modern Western diet often lacks this important building block. That’s why I like to add it to smoothies, shakes and drinks like this matcha latte.

Keto Matcha Latte_Matcha Collagen

Now I hear you thinking… “What’s with the green stuff, Julie? I’m not so sure about the ‘tea’ flavor..”. Rest assured, the combination of creamy almond or coconut milk (light and fluffy), MCT oil (very satisfying) and a little bit of vanilla protein or keto sweetener really soften the matcha flavor.

Also, if you’re new to matcha, serve the latte chilled with ice cubes. It further softens the green tea flavor and makes it ever so refreshing (looking forward to having this as a Summer drink!).

Green tea lovers, I invite you to try this matcha latte lightly heated with frothed almond or coconut milk and an extra sprinkle of matcha powder on top. Or whipped (coconut) cream if you want to treat yourself ;-)

Keto Matcha Latte for Glowing Skin (Hot or Iced) with Matcha Collagen

Before you go on to making this creamy matcha latte, I’ve got a fun giveaway for you!

Organic superfood company Biotona has kindly offered 3 of their exclusive matcha tea sets for me to give away :)

The matcha lover tea set includes:

  • Biotona matcha bowl (grey or green)
  • Biotona matcha whisk holder (grey or green)
  • Biotona whisk
  • Biotona premium matcha powder
  • Biotona spoon

Would you like to win one of these Biotona premium matcha tea sets?

You can enter the giveaway on my Instagram profile @julieslifestyleofficial (contest open this week for Belgian residents only).

Let me know in the comments if you’d like me to share more keto breakfast recipes and/or matcha creations.


Keto Matcha Latte for Glowing Skin (Hot or Iced) + Give-Away _ Matcha Collagen

Creamy Keto Matcha Latte for Glowing Skin (Hot or Iced)


  1. Blend the matcha collagen with the almond milk, MCT oil, keto sweetener to taste and a pinch of Himalayan crystal salt until smooth and frothy.
  2. Serve lightly heated on the stove or cold with ice cubes (my favorite way to enjoy this matcha latte).
  3. Top with frothed almond milk, if desired.


  • Feel free to replace the bag of matcha collagen with 1 teaspoon pure matcha powder. I love Biotona organic premium matcha, made exclusively from young tea leaves that are traditionally handpicked at the beginning of May (the first harvest).
  • Want to give your immune system an extra boost? Add a teaspoon of moringa, a green superfood powder packed with antioxidants that help to lower inflammation and support your skin’s rejuvenation process. Moringa is often called the ‘miracle tree’ because it has so many powerful health benefits. I think the flavor goes well with matcha.

Do you love matcha green tea too? Would you like to see more matcha recipes on the blog? Let me know by leaving a comment down below.

Keto Matcha Latte for Glowing Skin (Hot or Iced) + Give-Away_Matcha Collagen

Nutritional value (per matcha latte)
Carbohydrates 0.2 g (without polyols from keto sweetener), Protein 6.5 g, Fats 13 g, Calories 147.8 kcal


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