What I Eat in a Day | 27 Low Carb + Keto Meal Plan Ideas

Are you looking for easy low carb recipes and keto meal plan ideas to have more energy, beat sugar cravings and maintain a healthy weight for your body type?

I’ve been getting lots of requests to share what a typical day on my plate looks like so I wanted to give you an idea of what I eat in a day with 27 Low Carb & Keto Meal Plan Ideas.

Just know that this is constantly evolving and that we are all different. I strongly believe in intuitive eating and listening to your body’s personal needs because only you will know what your body thrives on. Trust your gut feeling :) 

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And if you feel like having a ‘treat meal’ (some of my favorites are pizza, ice cream and sweet potato fries), enjoy it to the fullest! If you eat healthy and balanced 80% of the time, your body is perfectly capable to metabolize that occasional snack or treat meal.

LOW CARb Breakfast

I always wait until I’m really hungry before I have my first meal of the day. Sometimes this means that I practice intermittent fasting until 11 or 12 am or even 1pm, especially when I’ve had a big meal the night before and I’m just not hungry in the morning. You can read more about intermittent fasting and try a recipe for Brain Fuel Coffee right here.

Brain Fuel Coffee for Intermittent Fasting

Most of the days I have a big breakfast after my morning walk with Mr. George, somewhere between 9 and 10.30 am. I usually make sure to leave at least 12h between my dinner and breakfast because I’ve found that this really helps with my digestion.

These are three of my favorite sweet low carb breakfasts at the moment:

Keto Breakfast Porridge

Vegan Keto Breakfast Porridge from my book Keto in 15 Minuten, with hemp seeds, vanilla protein powder and MCT oil to keep me satisfied for hours. This makes a great grain free alternative to oatmeal. It’s really tasty when you serve it warm with berries on top.

Chocolate Breakfast Pudding

I’m also crazy about this Chocolate Breakfast Pudding, with frozen zucchini and avocado to create a ‘soft serve ice cream’ texture. It’s so refreshing and creamy, and the vegan chocolate protein powder gives it a really rich flavor. The perfect low carb breakfast on hot summer days if you love ice cream! I top it with frozen raspberries, coconut flakes and/or keto granola.

Keto Vanilla Chia Pudding

Another favorite is this Vanilla Chia Pudding. You can make it ahead, with almond milk & almond butter or full-fat coconut milk if you love coconut as much as I do. It’s super rich and satisfying, and makes a great snack too. You can find the recipe in our Keto Made Easy eBook bundle.


Sometimes I have eggs with avocado & vegetables for breakfast, but usually I’ll have those for lunch on days that I work at our ALL GOOD atelier in Bruges since they’re such a quick and easy low carb meal. Here you can find three of my favorite recipes for Keto Avocado on Toast. I usually have grain free seed crackers (also a recipe you can find in our Keto Made Easy eBook bundle) or our ALL GOOD vegan ‘cheeze’ crackers with avocado, two or three softly boiled eggs and a big salad and/or fresh vegetable soup. When I’m really hungry, I like to add omega-3-rich fish like smoked wild salmon, halibut, mackerel or herring too.

Keto Avocado on Toast

On a workout day, a typical lunch will include canned sardines or mackerel with cooked beetroot, salad (tomato, lettuce, cucumber, fresh herbs…) and a simple dressing of apple cider vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and black pepper.

The slow carbohydrates from the beetroot (or other root vegetables like carrot, parsnip…) help me to recover faster and stay energized in the afternoon (although some days I also bump into that typical ‘afternoon slump’, depending on how my digestion is going and how much sleep I get. It’s normal to not feel super energized all the time ;-)).

Beetroot Salad with Mackerel

Another lunch favorite is a big plate of grilled vegetables with pesto and some type of protein: free-range organic poultry (chicken, turkey..), fish, tofu, tempeh, eggs…

Grilled Vegetable Salad with Pesto

Or now that kale is back in season, this Kale Salad with Turmeric Tahini Dressing + protein makes an excellent lunch that you can easily make ahead for several days. I know salads can sound boring or ‘too healthy’ but trust me, this one is PACKED with flavor and really satisfying!

Kale Salad with Tahini Dressing

I LOVE fresh vegetable soup in my Philips Soup maker too, so creamy! I have it every day, sometimes even twice a day :) One of my go-to soup recipes includes broccoli, zucchini, celery and vegetable stock/sea salt (finished with extra virgin olive oil). I also like to add veggie scraps like carrot greens or beet greens. Yes, I’m a soup addict lol. I often serve it with cauliflower or broccoli ‘flat bread’, a recipe from my book Het Keto Plan.

Broccoli Soup from my book Het Keto Plan

Oh and not to forget: I almost always have one or two (or three) pieces of dark chocolate for dessert (93% cacao or more) to end my lunch. Sometimes paired with keto granola, nut butter, coconut flakes or vegan coconut yogurt. You can find my favorite fat-burner chocolate bar recipe in our Keto Made Easy eBook bundle.

Fat-Burner Chocolate Bar - Keto Chocolate


Some favorite pre-dinner snacks include:

  • cauliflower flat bread with avocado (recipe from ‘Het Keto Plan’)
  • carrot and/or celery sticks with tahini (roasted sesame seed paste) and/or gomasio (sesame seeds with sea salt, available at your organic store)
  • raw vegetables with a handful of our ALL GOOD rosemary crackers or vegan ‘cheeze’ crackers
  • lightly roasted nuts with sea salt or other spices (I love pecan nuts, almonds, macadamia nuts…)
  • if I need some extra carbs for quick energy, I love a big handful of fresh (or frozen) berries, or apple with almond butter

Salted Nuts


Keto Crackers & Dips


Dinner really depends on what I had for lunch. I like to switch it up and eat a wide variety of vegetables and protein. A few ideas:

Grilled vegetable skewers with tempeh or tofu (or poultry/fish) + a salad and a good dressing (if you want more carbs, you can have the quinoa too).

Grilled Vegetable Skewers

Asparagus 'A La Flamande' with eggs and mushrooms, so simple but super filling.

Asparagus A La Flamande with Eggs and Mushrooms

Stuffed vegetables with chicken or tofu, a recipe from my book Keto in 15 Minuten.

Stuffed Vegetables Keto in 15 Minuten

Shakshuka with pesto and seasonal veggies. This meal is ready in just minutes and tastes delicious with the seed crackers too.

Shakshuka with Pesto

Coconut curry in a hurry. All the vegetables in a creamy coconut sauce, what’s not to love ;-) Pair with protein of your choice or serve as a plant-based dinner.

Coconut Curry Keto

Another comfort food favorite: Cauliflower Fried Rice. I love it with fried eggs or smoked tofu. This used to be a childhood go-to meal when we went our to a Chinese restaurant.

Cauliflower Fried Rice

I often just have grilled vegetables with good olive oil and protein too (see above).

LOW CARB Dessert

Did I mention that I love dark chocolate?

Here are a few sugar free chocolate desserts you can try at home.

Vegan Keto Chocolate Pudding

Vegan Keto Chocolate Pudding

Mini Chocolate Coconut ‘Bounty’ Candy

Keto Chocolate Bounty Bars

Chocolate Almond Butter Fudge Bites


I don’t believe in deprivation so if I’m in the mood for a small dessert after dinner, I’ll have my chocolate and eat it :) Always in moderation.

Two other favorite treats to end my dinner are a few spoonfuls of vegan coconut yogurt or sugar free vegan ice cream. I love cold smooth treats.

Or if I had a light dinner, I sometimes have a nut butter cookie like one of these Vegan Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Cookies (I often make them with almond butter or hazelnut butter too).

Keto Peanut Butter Cookies

I hope this gives you an idea of what a typical day on my plate looks like at the moment, and plenty of inspiration to try some delicious and easy low carb recipes at home. :) Know that I also like to have a piece of freshly baked sourdough bread once and a while, or a big slice of pizza when we I’m eating out. Just enjoy yourself!

I’d love to hear about your favorite easy weekday meals so leave a comment down below.

Also let me know if you’d love to see more of these posts on the blog, or even a ‘What I Eat in a Day’ video.

Talk to you soon!



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